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Summer Manicure? Nailed It

So despite pinning about 15 different DIY manicure designs over the last two years, I’ve never actually attempted any of them. Why you ask? BECAUSE THEY ALL LOOK HARD, THAT’S WHY. Being afraid of failure (and of wasting nail polish) is a big character flaw of mine, thus I knew it was time to find some middle ground.

The back story: during my last week in Spain, we decided to have a Girl’s Night and paint nails, drink wine, and watch No Strings Attached. My artsy friend had this fancy technique for painting her nails that looked like a pain in the butt but really wasn’t. The design turned out super cute, reminiscent of a chevron pattern but in a manicure.

Here’s my attempt:

Photo on 2013-05-12 at 16.35 #3And here’s how I did it:

  1. Select your chosen nail polish color (Note: you can also do this pattern with a second color under the chevron, which would mean putting the first color on as a base coat and painting the chevron design on top).
  2. Locate some tape
  3. Tear off a small piece of tape and stick one of the corners to your cuticle, right where the moon of you nail is.
  4. Paint your nail as if the tape weren’t there using your chosen color.
  5. Let dry (Note: I would let it dry for a little longer than normal because taking the tape off can get messy if you don’t wait enough).
  6. Carefully remove tape.
  7. Apply clear coat over the whole nail.


If your friends ask, say you got it done professionally…hehehe.


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