My Looks


317285_10151883608143916_1530210765_nSummer is here and it’s time to bring the heat with hot neon colors. Denim, crop tops, and accessories, you name it. I first came across this trend last spring at J.Crew after happening upon an entire rack of assorted neon skinny jeans during an under-funded shopping spree. I was immediately in love. Flash forward to a year later and neon only seems to be gaining steam. Despite what you may think, the neon trend is not a hard one to follow, as long as you abide by a few simple rules.

First off, you have to grow up. Let’s put the day-glo frat tanks and flat-brim hats to rest. This is not PCB everybody. Neon should be an accent or a subtle statement, not a show-stopper. You have to pick colors that, while bright, are not going to blind everyone you come into contact with. Important point: NO NEON MINISKIRTS. Pick one: either the miniskirt or the neon. Not both. This is not a contest to see how many landscapers you can get to cat call at you in one afternoon.

Another crucial point? Wear sizes that fit you right. If you cram yourself into a pair of neon skinny jeans that are a size or two too small, it won’t be pretty. Neon jeans have the curious ability to make everything look more *defined*. In fact, a male friend told me that his favorite thing for girls to wear are “colored tight jeans” (umm yeah he meant neon skinnies, had to clarify that) because it made their legs look great. BAM. Sounds a lot classier than wearing disturbingly sheer black leggings, but maybe that’s just me.

photoMy favorite part about neon might be the insta-tan factor. I’ve come to acknowledge that I’ll never be one to achieve the sun-kissed glow without the help of many, many chemicals so neon is a helpful alternative. Putting on my neon skinny jeans or crop top makes me look like I’m half Brazilian.

Also important is dressing around your neons. You have to let the neon do the talking and the rest of the outfit settle in around it. Although bold matching looks great, there is a fine line between chic and over-kill. Stay away from floral patterns (also big this year) or aggressive stripes (again, also big). Additionally, it is crucial to keep in mind that you do not have to match to your neon. That’s right, YOU. DO. NOT. HAVE. TO. MATCH. IT. As long as you pick complimentary colors, there is no need to go out searching for accessories or shirts to go with your hot pink pants.

Note: I think neons look great with a nice, neutral pinkish nail color.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend and a great summer ya’ll! May your tans be even and your frozen margaritas tasty


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