It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

How great is it to feel the sun on your skin again? I can’t get enough of spring! This year, I’m going all out with spring by doing a full-scale spring cleaning of my life. That means closet, diet, and old habits are all in need of a thorough re-evaluation.

Springtime in Dublin!

Springtime in Dublin!

After visiting Ireland a few weeks past and getting a taste of spring in the UK, I felt completely re-energized and ready for April! With only one month left abroad and a trip to Portugal coming up in three weeks, it’s high time for me to leave the olive oil and fresh bread behind and start truly getting ready for beach season. Every year, we all make valiant (however last minute or half-hearted) efforts to get ready for spring break, and this is the chance to follow through with whatever lifestyle changes you promised you’d make and carry them through til summer!

I went on a long, outdoor run for the first time since December’s snow and it felt amazing. I highly recommend mixing up your usual work out routine to try something new and pump your enthusiasm back up. I might even try one of the three hundred exercise routines I’ve pinned… Spring is also the perfect time to take a good look at your eating habits: are you drinking enough water? Getting all your fiber? Eating lots of fruits and veggies? If not, time to make some changes. For further tips, check out this post 🙂

Your closet shouldn’t be allowed to escape a spring cleaning either–those three shirts you never bring to school with you but never wear back at home either? Donate them! Old sandals that are falling apart or rub your feet the wrong way (no matter how many times you tell yourself that they’re almost worn in)? Donate them! Grungy bathing suits from years ago that you keep at the bottom of your drawer? Throw them the eff out. Spring is the perfect excuse to get organized, so don’t let it pass you by.

Over the next few weeks, look around your life for clothes/knick-knacks/people/problems that are weighing you down and evaluate how best to address them.

The lush and green Cliffs of Moher (bright pastel purple skinny jeans were a must of course)

The lush and green Cliffs of Moher (bright pastel purple skinny jeans were a must of course)


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